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BioMax Fuels Limited is a privately held company headquartered in Hyderabad, India with it’s focus on producing and delivering high-quality biodiesel that is both environment friendly and competitively produced.

The future of most things bear the prefix ‘BIO’ - A tomorrow ,where ideas propel the economy, while biodiesel will propel the world. Biodiesel generation is not just about producing a substitute for fossil fuels. It is about creating a new paradigm of setting in place processes, and the complete chain, that will enable the production, sustenance and commercial viability of the biofuel mission. BioMax is committed to this vision.

We are geared to evolve our understanding in this space and perhaps even catalyst the opportunity at an enviable pace. In terms of size of operations and focus, our approach is of integration and leading edge thinking, blended and harmonized with the stroke of enigmatic entrepreneurship. BioMax is instituted on the pillars of these strengths with an endeavor to seize the amazing potential, the ‘bio’ industry offers. The first step in this direction is the setting up of a pilot plant at Chennai with a capacity of about 30,000 TPA with our inhouse developed process technology. This is the leading light to set up not less than 5 Million TPA of biodiesel over the coming years in India and across the world.

Looking and planning ahead is also the company’s Strategic Focus Unit. It examines plans to create large capacities by setting up similar plants as overseas ventures, either on a stand alone basis or as Joint Ventures in South Asia, and even across the European Union in the near future.

BioMax, will soon emerge as a meaningful force in the field of BIO FUELS.