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We are geared to evolve our understanding in this space and even capable to grow the opportunity at an enviable pace. In terms of size of operations and focus, our approach is of integration, leading edge thinking, all blended and harmonized with that stroke of enigmatic entrepreneurship.

The pharma and biotech group companies encompass state of the art research facilities in Hyderabad and Chennai with due accreditation from the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Department of Science, Government of India, New Delhi as well as GMP level manufacturing facilities for pharma and biotech products. The in-house R&D facilities of the company develop almost all the required technology for the group and commercialization is done under the auspices of the BIOMAX Group. The biotech company is the second largest producer of natural carotenoids globally and has also developed a highly innovative technology for the manufacture of BioDiesel from Marine Algae.

We have among the largest Biodiesel faciltities in the world. One of our facilities has a manufacturing capacity of 500,000 Tonnes per annum from Multi Feedstock at the Visakhapatnam Special Economic Zone (VSEZ), Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh in South India. This is the leading light for our Group that proposes to extend further facilities with our Proprietary Technology across the global landscape.

Looking ahead and planning ahead is also the company's Strategic Focus Unit which is in the process of examining plans to create large capacities by setting up similar plants being ventures globally either on a standalone basis or as Joint Ventures.

BIOMAX is positioned as a socially responsible entity in that it has a Zero Discharge in terms of Effluents and is also a member of RSPO which stands for Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

BIOMAX thus looks to the future in being a responsible and meaningful force in the field of BIOFUELS.